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Single to Double Glazing Ireland

LM glazing specialize in the conversation of single glazed windows to double glazed windows. With over 20 years experience providing a unique service across the whole of Ireland, we can help you retain those treasured hardwood windows by installing a double glazed sealed unit with the minimum of fuss.

How does it work?

The LM Glazing installation teams have already converted thousands of houses covering every county in Ireland. They can machine the wood on your existing frames to remove the existing single glazed unit and insert a new double glazed unit. There is no need to remove your existing frames therefore no need for re-plastering, re-painting or re-tiling work. It's that simple. All the work can normally be completed within 1 day and is fully guaranteed.

LM Glazing use Elite glass with a U - Value of 1.1. This extremely low U - Value ensures the windows are excellent insulators against heat loss.

The Benefits of Converting to Double Glazing

  • Reduced condensation
  • Reduced noise pollution
  • Increased insulation therefore reduced heat loss
  • Less hassle to you as there is minimal mess during the conversation phase
  • More cost effective as there is no need to replace your frames so therefore saves on redecorating costs

So why endure another cold winter? Call our office today on (028) 777 65166 or (048) from the Republic of Ireland or email us at info@lmglazing.com.

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